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At Trifolium, we have a mobile workshop that can visit your company or you can visit us in Sydhavn, and give your employees a completely unique day dedicated to craftsmanship. It could be a team building or a company event for new business partners, colleagues or business connections, where you have half or a whole day together.

You get materials in hand, build a product you can use in the workplace and get an experience of what a workshop contains and how it works.

The courses are aimed at all genders and all levels of experience in crafts. Everyone will get a proper introduction to the machines so that everyone feels safe in this. It's not about being the best, but about gaining new learning, expanding your horizons, having fun and getting an insight into our mobile workshop, as well as getting a product home. You can read more about our concepts below, as well as get a picture of what a day could look like. If you want to hold a meeting beforehand, or afterwards also want dinner and or a party, then this is also an option at Trifolium.

We have developed 3 concepts

Fast build

A team building created for those who want a fun day, with a focus on results and fast processes.

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The construction duel

The construction duel is for the competitive team, where the focus is on competitions and cooperation.

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We build together

Strengthen your unity and get the energy out in your hands.

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Prices and contact

Interested in hearing more? Contact us for prices and more information about your options for using our MPU.

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